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Nigerian Tribune was established by late Chief Obafemi Awolowo in 1949 and is the oldest circulating privately owned newspaper in Nigeria. This is very famous newspaper and it has also a news website that is well-known for controversial news problems and isn't scared to talk about any subject, something that lots of people think is responsible the significant readership.

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The Culture of Nigeria

After the end of the British colonial period in the area, the country struggled to define itself. This struggle was particularly evident in some of the art that was created in this area. Artistically, there is a creative tension between the colonial modes of artistic expression and the Western modes of artistic expression. For instance, the novel is an art form with its routes in Western civilization, but several important novelists have arisen in this area. Those novelists writing in the latter half of the 1900ís explored the themes of colonialism versus traditionalism in their writings. The most notable writer to emerge from Nigeria was Chinua Achebe. The writer of several novels, Achebe was most renowned for his classic novel Things Fall Apart. For this book and the rest of his work, he was awarded a Nobel prize in literature.

Films have also become an important part of the contemporary art scene in this country. In the last twenty years, the movie industry has grown substantially in Nigeria. Many watchers call the movie industry Nollywood, and their films are enjoyed by local audiences as well as film connoisseurs from around the world. In spite of the thriving film industry, traditional culture still dominates many areas. For instance, the traditional masquerade which involves the use of wooden Yoruba masks is still quite common in many areas of Nigeria.

Soccer is an extremely important part of the local culture in Nigeria. The national team is the Super Eagles who are ranked third among African nations and are about twentieth in the world. Many Nigerian people also follow English premiere league teams. Their affiliations for teams like Manchester United or Liverpool can often supersede their regional or cultural affiliations.

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