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Nigerian Punch was established by two friends, James Aboderin and Sam Amuka in November 1976. They initially started the publication as a Sunday Newspaper, but quickly extended it to include daily publication, a few years later. Nigerian Punch is the second largest newspaper in the country.

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Facts About Nigeria

There are over five hundred languages in Nigeria. Three of the most common languages are directly related to the three major ethnic groups in the area. However, the official language which most of the Nigerian people speak is English.

The religions in this country are almost as diverse as the languages in Nigeria. Most of the people in this area follow Christianity or Islam. The Christians are roughly half Catholic and half Protestants. The Muslims, on the other hand, are mostly Sunni with a small minority of very vocal Shia. However, all of these religions are affected by the regional or traditional religions of their followers.

Currently, the country of Nigeria faces a number of different social, political and economic issues. For instance, the government has been accused of perpetuating many human rights violations. In addition, they are drastically impacted by the oil trade that happens in Niger delta region. Their health is poorly impacted by the fact that many trained Nigerian doctors leave Nigeria to work in other parts of the world. However, Nigeria is still a richly fascinating part of the world with rich ties to art, culture, and religion.

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