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Newspapers in Nigeria

Nigeria which is officially called the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country with a centralized federal government and a constitution. Politically, it consists of thirty-six states and one territory. Located in West Africa, it is bordered by Chad, Cameroon and Niger, and its southern coast is located along a gulf that leads to the Atlantic Ocean. Its population is approximately 167 million people, and the three major ethnic groups are the Hausa, the Igbo, and the Yoruba. Only a small percentage of these Nigerian people still practice traditional religions while roughly half of the country practices Christianity and the other half practices Islam.

There are lots of newspapers in Nigeria that offer access to various kinds of news and numerous styles of news. If you are searching for good newspapers in Nigeria, we highly recommend checking out the following newspapers. These are the top newspapers in Nigeria. We've carefully reviewed each paper to make it easy for you. Most of them provide traditional physical newspapers along with up-to-the-minute news sites.

List Of Major Newspapers in Nigeria

  • Business Day: Established in 2005, published daily Monday to Friday and circulates in Nigeria and Ghana.
  • Business Hallmark: A Nigerian news magazine published by Prince Emeka Obasi.
  • Daily Champion: Privately owned, and published in Lagos, one of the major newspapers east of the Niger.
  • Financial Standard : One of Nigeria's most authoritative business and financial newspaper.
  • Guardian Newspaper: Established in 1983 by Alex Ibru and is one of Nigeria's most respected newspapers.
  • The Daily Independent : Started operations in October 2001 and is based in Lagos-Nigeria.
  • Nation Newspaper: One of the most widely read Nigerian newspapers targets business and political elite.
  • Newswatch: A weekly news magazine published by Newswatch Communications and founded in 1984.
  • Nigerian Observer : Established in 1968, published in Benin City and owned by Edo State Government.
  • Punch Newspaper: Second largest circulating newspaper, founded by James Aboderin and Sam Amuka.
  • Sun Newspaper: This daily newspaper is founded and published in Lagos, targets people 18 45 years age.
  • Sahara Reporters: Sahara reporters is an online news portal established in 2006 by Omoyele Sowore.
  • ThisDay Newspaper: This is the preferred newspaper among businesses, political and diplomatic elite.
  • Tribune Newspaper: The oldest circulating private newspaper, established in 1949 by Obafemi Awolowo.
  • Triumph : Established in June 1980, published in Kano and has daily, weekend and Sunday editions.
  • Trust: The weekly edition was established March 1998 and is the largest circulating newspaper in the north.
  • Vanguard
  • : Established in 1984 by Mr. Sam Amuka, and is one of the most respected Nigerian newspapers. 

    Nigeria is an incredibly diverse country with roughly 250 different ethnic groups, with the Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo being the most populous groups. To many in the West, these names bring to mind the rich tradition of African masks and sculpture that were introduced to Europeans and Americans during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, eventually taking their place in museums as valued works of art. By the 1970s entire museums and galleries were devoted to African visual art, much of it coming from Nigeria. These sculptures and masks have a much deeper meaning than simply visual art works to the people who produce them though. Art was and still is intimately connected to religious and cultural practices and plays a vital role in the lives of the people. Traditional arts such as masks and sculptures are easily identified according to the unique cultural traits each group incorporates in their art. During the birth of Western modern art, African masks served as an inspiration to Cubists and other modern schools of art.. Nigeria gained independence from Britain on October 1, 1960 and was then declared a republic three years later.>>Read More.

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